Confronting the stem cell hype

Stem cells and regenerative medicine promises to provide remarkable cures for disease, birth defects, injuries, and more. Yet there is much hype from researchers and purported “stem cell clinics” around the world. The brief review below summarizes how the ISSCR and others are trying to confront the hype in the field, so that the genuine advances can be made clear.

Confronting stem cell hype, Timothy Caulfield, Douglas Sipp, Charles E. Murry, George Q. Daley, Jonathan Kimmelman. Science, May 2016.

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Global standards for stem cell research

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), of which I am a member, recently published guidelines for regulation of stem cell research and clinical studies.  The review below summarizes the 27 page document from the ISSCR, which was created with experts from science, ethics, and medicine.

Global standards for stem-cell research, Jonathan Kimmelman. Nature, May 2016.

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