Do you want to learn about STEM careers and biomedical research? Do you, your family, or your class have questions about what it takes to pursue research in college and beyond?

Every Tuesday at 10 AM EDT, IRM@Home brings scientists and educators right to you. These interactive weekly seminars will give you the chance to hear from real life researchers and educators and ask them questions about their work and their journeys in science. Please join us!

***Thank you for learning with us this year. IRM@Home will be taking a break over the summer. You can watch all of the recordings from Spring 2020 below! More information about IRM outreach can be found on our Outreach page.

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Previous sessions and recordings


Kate Laws

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Kate is a postdoctoral fellow in Greg Bashaw’s lab at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Neuroscience, where she uses fruit flies to understand how the nervous system forms. Kate has also helped develop and teach the DrosoPHILA program, an outreach curriculum based on research in the Bashaw lab. In this session, Kate will talk about the role of creativity in the scientific process.

Sierra McDonald

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Sierra will tell the story of how the immune system can be reprogrammed to fight cancer cells and how her research is contributing to this effort.

Hannah Kolev

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Hannah Kolev is a PhD candidate in Dr. Klaus Kaestner’s lab within the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Genetics. Listen in to learn about her work studying cell fate determination in the intestine and discover how her experiences led her to pursue graduate studies at Penn.

Heather Butts

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Students will examine COVID-19 from a legal and ethical aspect. We will review current policies in various states as well as responses of individuals to those policies. We will also discuss best practices for the future Post COVID-19 society.

Hannah Shoenhard

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Hannah got her start in science studying how songbirds learn how to sing– which could help us discover how people learn how to talk! From a lab in California to the cloud forests of Ecuador, tune in on May 5 to learn how the science of song has taken her around the world.

Amanda Purdy

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Our speaker on April 28th will be Amanda Purdy, Ph.D., Director of Academic Affairs at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Amanda will discuss her career path from the lab bench to the classroom, and then back again were she currently builds programs to ignite a passion for science through hands-on adventures in a research lab


Alicia McConnell

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Alicia McConnell, Ph.D. is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Leonard Zon’s lab at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Alicia studies how normal cells transform into cancer cells using a zebrafish melanoma model system.

Aime Franco

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Growing up I loved science and thought that all scientists became medical doctors. I had no idea one could make a career of doing science experiments, but that is exactly what I do! I used to think if you loved science you needed to be a premed major and then go to Medical School, but we will discuss careers and college programs outside of just premed and medical school.

David Garbe

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Our April 7 speaker will be David Garbe, Ph.D., Director of Outreach and Education at the Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR). David develops in-class activities for students like you using the scientific know-how he’s developed over a wide-ranging STEM career. Listen in to hear about his path from Penn graduate student to the pharmaceutical industry and nonprofit sector and learn insights to help you on your own STEM journey!

Heather Butts-Parts 1 & 2

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On March 24 & 31, Heather Butts, JD, MPH, MA, Founder of L.E.A.R.N. for Life Consulting and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University School of Public Health and St. John’s University School of Law, joined us. She spoke about how to scout colleges and prepare for applications and answered viewer questions.