From July 6 to July 18, 2018, Anthony “Ent” Natale, an Outreach Educator for BioEYES at UPenn, taught 15 students in Shanghai, China at the YK Pao School. During a 2-week summer camp, gifted Chinese students in Grades 4 through 6 learned about genetics. From using a microscope to building DNA models to studying zebrafish, they spent six hours each day with Ent, furthering their expertise in genetics and fostering their scientific curiosity—well on their way as future STEM leaders.

Ent has been an Outreach Educator with Project BioEYES for four years. He loves teaching children in all age groups, showing them that scientific discovery is both fun and educational. This was Project BioEYES’s first official trip teaching the curriculum in China, and the BioEYES staff are hopeful that they will continue to return for future summer camps. Ent worked directly with DDC (Diligence & Delight Learning Center), a center formed in 2014 focused on ensuring Chinese students engage with what they are learning, developing critical and creative thinking skills.