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Project BioEYES is a K-12 science education program which provides classroom-based learning opportunities through the use of live zebrafish. BioEYES is designed to incorporate teacher empowerment and provides professional development seminars and a co-teaching experience with trained science consultants, called outreach educators.

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Every dollar you contribute to BioEYES goes directly into our program, allowing us to bring hands-on science education to children who need it. Here are some examples of what your contribution can do:

  • For just $20, we can buy 5 sleeves of Petri dishes for student to raise and monitor their developing fish
  • For just $50, we can buy journals for 45 students to record their observations and data
  • For just $100, we can feed and house 1 tank of zebrafish for 750 students for a whole year
  • For just $250, we can assemble 10 teacher manuals containing the BioEYES curriculum, extensions, and supplemental activities

Donate to the Bernard and Joan Spain BioEYES Gift Fund through the University of Pennsylvania, or send your check, made payable to:

University of Pennsylvania
c/o Jamie Shuda, Ed.D
Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Smilow Center for Translational Research, 9-143
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 746-7679