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Education & Outreach


Jamie Shuda, Ed.D.,
is Director of the IRM Life Science Outreach. Dr. Shuda is also the Co-Founder and Director of Project BioEYES, a nationally recognized and award-winning education outreach program that reaches more than 35,000 students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

About The Program

Education and outreach at the IRM aims to ensure students from kindergarten through graduate school are exposed to exciting and accurate education about regenerative biology and stem cell research. Aligned to the academic mission of the University of Pennsylvania, IRM outreach programs have allowed faculty, students, and the Philadelphia community to work together to learn about innovative research being done in IRM laboratories and the importance of providing knowledge and resources to those in the university’s own backyard.

A Snapshot of Success

Reaching over 18,000 Philadelphia students and 60,000 nationally, the IRM education and outreach initiatives empower future generations of scientists and health professionals through six innovative programs:

  • Project BioEyes – an award-winning K-12 program that fosters enthusiasm for science using real world applications to learning, consisting of hands-on lessons in basic scientific methods, biology, genetics, and stem cells using live zebrafish
  • Bridge to ReBIO – an after-school mentorship program where university faculty and students mentor local high school students to develop innovative science fair projects, equipping underserved schools with the supplies and support to compete with more resourced Philadelphia schools
  • Summer Research Internships – a valuable opportunity for Penn undergraduate students to gain research experience as interns in IRM affiliated labs across the campus
  • Stem Cell Science in Schools (HSOC 302) – an academically based community course for undergraduate science majors to learn leading-edge stem cell research and ethics, and co-teach these concepts in local, underserved high schools
  • Stem Cells, Science, and Society (HSOC 241) – a course intended for undergraduates (upperclassmen) who are not majoring in the sciences to understand how stem cells impact on many aspects of society: medicine, ethics, religion, law, politics, economics and education. Taught by Drs. Ken Zaret, Director of the IRM, and John Gearheart, Emeritus Director of the IRM.
  • Penn Academy for Reproductive Sciences (PARS) – a six-day research clinic for high school girls that focuses on the science behind our bodies and careers in research and clinical medicine
  • Penn Academy for Skin Health (PASH) – Launching March 2017! a four Saturday research clinic for young men and women from Philadelphia high schools to learn about the research and clinical aspects of dermatology

Advancing Young Minds

What sets Penn’s program apart is the abundance of opportunities for students, teachers, and the community to ignite and grow their passion for science.
The demand for our outreach programs grows everyday. There is currently a one-year wait-list for Project BioEYES! Please support our initiatives.