• The Institute for Regenerative Medicine is based in the Smilow Center for Translational Research and extends across UPenn’s campus.

  • The links between medicine, engineering and veterinary science differentiate Penn’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine from other stem cell Institutes across the country.

  • The IRM promotes discoveries in stem cell biology and regeneration to generate new therapies that may alleviate suffering and disease.

  • When our interdisciplinary research and programs bring together individuals with broad interests and diverse backgrounds, our collaborations lead to greater advances.

  • Stem cell research is critical to developing new skin tissues and, ultimately, changing the way we care for devastating wounds.

  • At Penn, we’re discovering real possibilities of future treatments for cardiac disease because we have the research and clinical expertise to make it happen.

Institute For Regenerative Medicine
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    The Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM), the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, and the Department of Cancer Biology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania seeks candidates for several Assistant Professor positions in the tenure track. Applicants must have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree and have demonstrated excellent qualifications in research. The faculty appointment will be…

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      Penn Medicine researchers talk to Karen Kreeger, Senior Science Communications Manager, about their new findings regarding cell division as described in a paper published in Science on September 14, 2017. As noted by Kreeger, “First author, Katherine Palozola, a doctoral candidate in the Zaret lab, is the first to find a way to look at gene activity in a…

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    A potentially life-saving blood panel test has been identified by a research team led by IRM Director Dr. Ken Zaret and Dr. Gloria Petersen of the Mayo Clinic. Published in Science Translational Medicine, the paper details the identification of a pair of biomarkers that doctors can use to detect pancreatic cancer in its earlier stages. Currently, pancreatic cancer patients often…