What should the future of medicine look like?

We believe that tomorrow’s treatments for wounds, diabetes, arthritis, and more should look a lot different. Instead of temporary fixes, our researchers are looking for ways to help rebuild, repair, or replace parts of the body afflicted by disease. Everyday, we are learning more about the pathways cells follow to develop into tissues and applying these findings to new disease models and treatments.

The IRM relies on philanthropy to fuel innovative studies and support our high impact outreach programs. Your donations have gotten new ideas off the ground, provided flexibility for emerging challenges, and trained the next generation of scientists. With your support, we can build the future of medicine.

Fund the future

How do stem cells keep our bodies healthy—and what happens when they fail? Can we use a patient’s own cells to model their disease—and test treatment options? How do stem cells sustain fertility—and can they be used to restore it after chemotherapy?

New ideas require courage and vision. IRM donors have both, and they have helped us explore these ideas and more. Your donation can generate grants for research, provide fellowships for junior scientists, or fund our general operations, giving us the flexibility to respond to new opportunities.

Energize our outreach

We don’t keep our science to ourselves.  The IRM partners with  organizations in the Philadelphia area and beyond to provide STEM education opportunities and spread the word about regenerative medicine. Your contributions will give our volunteers and staff the resources they need to reach more people in our community.

Penn has established funds to accept support for specific outreach programs. Click the links below to donate directly to the STEM program of your choice!

For more information on giving opportunities, please contact:

Sarah Gilmour

Associate Director of Development for Biomedical Research

Penn Medicine Development and Alumni Relations

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