Muscles, bones, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments are critical to maintaining our quality of life. As such, methodologies to support proper musculoskeletal health from childhood to old age are incredibly important. Unfortunately, injuries, aging, and disease of musculoskeletal tissues are common and become more frequent with aging, resulting in a tremendous socioeconomic burden. IRM scientists and engineers are studying innovative ways to attenuate disease progression and regenerate degraded tissues – solutions that may ultimately have a positive impact on several debilitating diseases (e.g., muscular dystrophy, osteoarthritis, chronic tendinopathies, etc).


The IRM Program in Musculoskeletal Regeneration is nationally recognized for contributions to the development of new drug, cell, and biomaterial-based therapies to regenerate bones, cartilage, muscle, tendons, and ligaments. Our researchers work across the developmental spectrum, seeking to understand how musculoskeletal tissues develop early in life and applying this knowledge to regenerative strategies for treating these tissues as they deteriorate with age, disease, or following injury.

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